Yoga and Diet: a more relaxed approach to a healthy weight

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

It is not the easiest to stick to a regular fitness routine when we have full time jobs, especially for those who work in the office. The modern society seemed to be putting more pressure on how our bodies should look like. There are different diet protein powders, pills, and other diet methods on the shelves, and different diet plans from the books and magazines.

Unfortunately, the many actresses and models on TV or magazines seem to give us a false illusion of what a healthy weight really is. Remember the days when we were kids, we all came in different sizes and shapes.

During the yoga teachers training, we were a class full of differences, different strength, different body shapes and sizes. Our bodies were much more toned after the whole month of intensive training, but there were no dramatic weight changes, we all just had more glow on our skin and looked healthier.

One thing I noticed when I started practicing yoga more regularly is that my body developed a natural appetite, which is: eat when I am hungry.  We shouldn’t be forced into food just because the clock says it is time to eat. Similarly, it is not a good idea to put up with emptiness or hunger pangs.  Here is the more relaxed approach to healthy weight:

  1. Try to always have breakfast
  2. Allow time between meals to aid full digestion
  3. Try to add more vegetables , more whole meal grains in the diet
  4. Try not to over eat when tired, anxious or stressed
  5. It is ok to enjoy sweets , junk food sometimes
  6. Don’t think too much about what to eat all the time, if the body is hungry, then it is time to eat.

Was at a barbeque yesterday, it was located in a desert looking place somewhere in south Stockholm,  saw the cutest and smallest frog in my life, it was only a size of my figure tip, amazing creature of the nature. 🙂


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